21 April 2010

I Don't Know

I'm coming to realize that I use that phrase waaaay to much. I actually do know... most of the time at least.

I've had an odd day.

I went to get my hair trimmed, because it's growing out haphazardly. It's now quite short again, but all a fairly even length so it shouldn't end up too much like a mop... or a mullet. The guy who cut my hair automatically assumed that Alana and I were a couple, and was kind of disappointed when we told him we're both straighter than a straightedge. Why is this? Why must people assume that I like girls simply because I have short hair? It's convenient in a time when everything else in my life is so wildly out of control! I like boys (talked to a very nice one today, as a matter of fact)! Is that so hard to believe in this mess of society we live in?!

So yes, that wasn't funny, that hurt a little... or a lot. I like my hair, but I'm growing it out, starting today.

09 April 2010

Oh, you know...

*It's almost 11:30 pm, and I'm still awake, laying on my bed, drinking a blueberry lager. I lead an exciting life.
*I got my lip pierced (vertical labret) on tuesday. It kinda hurts, but not too bad.
*I think I need to get my hair cut again, it's growing out in a strange fashion.
*I'm really excited to go to an Abney Park concert with Colleen on Sunday. It shall be epically ridiculous!
*The library is becoming my new best friend; I love young adult fiction.
*I really need to work on my books...
*And my drawing...
*And my bridesmaid dress...
*I have so much time, and yet procrastinate so much. Lame.
*I feel as if I should have a more educated vocabulary.
*I'm moving to Texas on May 30th (Lord willing)!!! This will be a hard job, but I think it will be good.
*I need to prove to myself that I'm not lazy.
*I think I might like a boy... maybe... I'm not quite sure yet. I really wish I could talk to him more.
*Alana, Dani, Hannah, and I are thinking about taking a trip to Europe in May. I hope it works out!
*Alana has been really sick this week. I hope the weekend makes a difference.
*I don't know what to do when she doesn't want to eat, and just wants to sleep all the time...
*Granted, she doesn't know what to do either. My poor sister :(
*Does anyone want to do something with me on any evening in the next couple weeks?
*Distractions are amazing! Just throwing that out there.
*He is faithful, even when we are faithless...
*I have a lot of doubts and worries and wonderings and ponderances.
*I need to bring them to Him; that would make my life so much more bearable right now.
*Why are the things that are good for us so hard to do?
*Praise God, for He is always bigger.

05 April 2010

That is all.

01 April 2010

Brian was right, I shouldn't whine about anything, my dear sister has it far worse than me.

Alana's hair started falling out tonight.

Aw, crap.