20 August 2009

Mull is a good word

I'm reading through Mere Christianity (again) and found an interesting chapter that applies rather aptly to my life. Lewis was talking about how humans try something new a few times, and then the wonder of it wears off and transforms into a quiet interest. Some people spend their whole lives searching for that wonder over and over again (wonderlust). Some think that this is immature, and that life just isn't all its cracked up to be in adolescence. And Christianity believes that the things off this life are just shadows of the life to come, so this wonder is just a glimpse of the wonders to come.

After mulling this idea over, while sitting on a collapsed lava tube, watching the sun sink low in the Hawaiian sky, I came to an inconclusive conclusion. Maybe that is why I no longer find it glamorous to work with endangered birds; the wonder has tarnished. But, then again, maybe the Lord gave me this 'dream job' to show me that it is not, in fact, my dream; and maybe I'm meant for something else.

I'm not sure yet.

But in the meantime, the 'Alala chicks are pretty dang cute.

Hawai'i is a very pretty place

And God is God, and I'm not.

Thank God :)