29 December 2008

Some Christmas in Cali Highlights

As most of you know, I'm in California (Burbank and Llano, specifically) for the Christmas/New Years season. Rosalie is working a lot, so I've got a lot of down time, which I am wasting beautifully. Some interesting happenings and observations:

LA is glorified, when actually all it is is a bunch of fancy chain stores and malls

I got beer spilled on me at Christmas dinner... I hate that smell :P

I walked around Burbank all day by myself, and discovered I really am a people person

People do say Merry Christmas more than they say Happy Holiday

Never use airport internet

I played Rock Band for the first time. I'm bad at it, but it's quite entertaining at least.

As much as I don't want next semester to start, and don't want to take five labs, and don't want to have another dtr... I'm really excited about the new year and Spring '09!


Got my grades, and surprise (no, really, I am surprised!):
Physiology: A-
Invert. Zoo.: A
Seminar: A
Conditioning: S
Dance: S

Booyah, I'm a satisfactory dancer :P
And thank God, I passed physiology with a good grade. Look out anatomy!

26 December 2008

This made me happy (yay xkcd!)

Finals, booyah

So it seems I never have time to blog when I want to, and instead obsess over school... hmm, such is life. Anywho. It was an interesting finals/dead week. I wonder why God decides to let the major things happen at the times we're so stressed out. Perhaps to make us realize there are things more important than school?

I dunno.

Either way, in the past month I've become good friends with a 'friend' I've known for a good year and a half. Funny how that happens. Not funny, however, is the fact that we only have a semester left and then are going to opposite ends of the world for grad school... why? I wish I knew...

In other news: this is the first semester when I really don't know what grades I'm going to get. Despite the panic I display, I'm actually fairly calm about this. Maybe it's senioritius, maybe I'm distracted, maybe I'm chilling out... who knows. But 5 lab semester, here I come! Prepare to have your butt kicked by one determined little girl.