09 November 2008

Perfect Sunday

It's foggy today
Shrouds of mist
Hovering over houses
A college town
So strangely still
Noises and voices muffled

Reading Isaiah, realizing
That God is really God
He is the only Rock
I know not any other
Praying in the quiet

Walks in the enchanted fog
Gnomes are watching
From great tree stumps
Weepuls riding quail
Twisted trees are still

Wet branches tickle the air
Wet leaves and mud
At the edge of the hill
Pullman is gone
The universe is whizzing by
Shrouded in the fog

I never thought the universe would be so loud

05 November 2008


I've been e-mailing a professor at University of Otago for quite awhile now, and hadn't heard back from him for over a month. I kinda forgot/gave up recently... ok, yesterday actually, and today God gave me a little tap on the shoulder and said "Hey, I've got plans for you, don't forget that so fast, you silly girl."

Well, not in so many words, but I did get an e-mail from the professor today that said, among other things, that I seem like a strong candidate, and he would be interested in supervising me. Also, by 2010 he will still be doing work on the kakapo and kea, and would not rule out work on the kiwi "if the right candidate and project came along."

Definitely need to keep praying about this one :)

Since no one reads this blog anyway....

So, chickens. I like chickens. And farm stores. And wool gloves. And the smell of hay. And woolly cows. And horses with big hairy feet. And horses with small hooves. Ok, horses in general. And Carhart hats. In other words: I should have been born on a farm. Oh, and emus!

Anyway, that said I went to a wonderful farm store in Lewiston today and have decided that unlike most people of my age and gender and status in life, I love feed stores a million times more than I like malls. I think I want to move to the country someday soon... and so Em begins to dream, and if you read this... props?


Once I graduate with my bachelor's degree I want to work in research for at least a semester and a summer to see how I like it, and what kind I like. After this I would fly to New Zealand (Dunedin, University of Otago) where I would get my master's degree with a focus on the conservation of endangered island birds. Hopefully the kakapo, kea, or kiwi :) Depending on how much I like the country, how the US is doing, who I meet, job options, etc. I may stay in NZ or come back to the US.

Either way, I will spend my days traveling and doing research (hopefully with the IUCN or through another conservation union or university), writing and publishing papers, maybe writing some other books too, being the best witness I can be to fellow biologists, and probably not have very many pets during this time.

Once my wandering days are over (ha!) I hope to settle down either in a smallish community, or on the outskirts of a city and work at a university or zoo/wildlife park. I guess the good thing about conservation research is that as long as people care it will always be going on, so finding a job in it shouldn't be too difficult. And with research, you can do it forever (unlike heavy lifting :P)

I admit fully that I am a home-body so I will definitly settle down. But this home will be wonderful! Small house, one story with a loft... and a swing inside. But a big yard and barn where I can keep my scottish highlander, shire horse, innumerable chickens, ducks (add a pond to the list), cats, emu, and donkey. The sun conure will stay in the greenhouse/porch of my house. The cats will be indoor/outdoor because as much as I hate the hunting part, it's wrong to keep a cat cooped up all the time (but I love it when they sleep on you).

Yeah, and ya know, I wouldn't mind doing most of this with a wonderful, Christian, animal/biology loving, (tall), man. But that's something I have decided is a bit more difficult to think about than animals and research, things so straightforward, so unlikely to mess with your emotions. Not to say I'm cynical, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. But I'm leaving this one up to God to suprise me with.

That said, I get the feeling my Lord is planning a lot of surprises for this type A control freak, and I'm looking forward to see what his mind, in its infinite wisdom and love, has in store for me.

I have no idea how I got here by starting with chickens, but hey :)