16 October 2010

That's Life

I have 2.5 days left on the Machen Ranch. *sniffle* I'm really gonna miss everybody!!

I need to find me a nice rancher cowboy, preferably in Texas. Anybody know one?

Fletcher is costing me an arm and a leg... but when he rolls over and purrs excessively while I rub his belly, it makes it all worth it. He still bites too much though.

One of the ranch cats (Wisdom) came stumbling in yesterday with a broken/crushed shoulder. Poor baby! But she's feral, so not much I can do besides give her food and water.

Prince of Persia... it was as if Tomb Raider, Clash of the Titans, Hidalgo, and an old John Wayne western had a child with a British accent. Entertaining though, I'll give it that.

Being back in WA will be quite the climate and culture shock.

More people should use sir and ma'am in regular speech. And y'all.

I wish I could have gotten my quilt quilted before leaving, but alas, I shall have to finish it back in WA.

I think I want my next project to be a victorian era corset (just not one that'll cinch up too tight).

Packing... oh buddy, this should be interesting.

Met a lady at church today who grew up in Bemidji, MN and has a sister who lives in the Renton area. Small world!

That's all for now, next post will likely be written in WA.

01 October 2010

Life as I know it... at the moment

Fletcher just jumped in my face, purring like a maniac. It's a good thing I like that kitty or I'd have a hard time shelling out $150 on his travel expenses. Oh well, if this year has taught me anything it's that money is a liquid asset. I did start a budget today though, with my new salary, I'm gonna need it...

I don't want to leave the Machen Ranch, I still absolutely love it here, and will miss everyone immensely. Granted, deer season starts this week, so maybe missing out on the carnage will be okay... But they did offer me some venison when I get to my new job, and a crock pot, and they did invite me down for Christmas if I can get the day off :) God has been so good to me this year. I really can't emphasize that enough...

My travel plans are set in stone now (at least according to Southwest Airlines). I'm arriving in SeaTac at 11:20 on the night of October 20th, and leaving SeaTac at 9:30 in the morning on the 5th of December. The time in between is currently wide open... anybody want to hang out before I leave for a year?
Harry Potter must be seen,
Bucer's must be visited,
Dancing must occur at CJ's,
Ridiculous Halloween costumes must be made,
Copious amounts of tea need drinking,
Shopping for new work clothes has to happen,
Thanksgiving should take place (and I don't mean just the holiday),
Church should definitely be attended every week,
A quilt might just have to be made for the Father's Heart auction,
Rabies shots have to be fought by my immune system (booo!),
A movie night involving Iron Man 2 and pizza really should happen,
I need help deciding what to do for my 23rd birthday...

So yes, if you'd like to join me on any of these ventures, please, do let me know :)