29 May 2010

An Ode to Travelers

To all of you pack, unpack, and repack your life
On a regular basis.

To all of you who, when trying to find something,
Wonder what state, or country, or hemisphere you left it in

To all of you whose sense of accomplishment comes from
Fitting your life in the back of a car or pickup truck

To all of you who move from one time zone to another
Instead of one part of town to another

To all of you who are pros at sleeping
Wherever you find an empty spot

To all of you whose best friends are named
"Atlas" and "Google Maps"

To all of you who feel as if you'd go mad
If you were to stay in place for over a year

To all of you who feel panicked or talk for 5 minutes
When the question "Where are you from?" is asked

To all of you who can't remember where you are
When you wake up. It's okay.

To all of you whose hearts are scattered across the world
Because "Home is where the heart is"

Here's to all you modern day nomads :)

11 May 2010

I waited over a year for that conversation.
Not sure why I strung my emotions on for so long.
It wasn't healthy, I know.
I was just too scared to bring it up.
Or too mad.
Now that I think about it, why was I angry?
I'm free now, though.
Thank you so much.
And thank you Lord, for finally answering my prayer.
Even though my heart hurts, it feels good.

10 May 2010

Good things...

My heart got a little hurt today, but considering how much I've gone through in the past few months, it doesn't hurt as much as it could. If anything I now know how I've made a few other people feel... ouch.

But that to say, I realized a couple days ago that, dang, my blog is kinda depressing. I'm not too depressed, I promise! Life really is good, or at least God certainly is. The friends he has blessed me with are truly remarkable. Even when my life is careening down a rabbit hole and I'm cranky about it, they still tell me I'm cool, or share a blanket with me, or let me crash on their couch, or share their food with me, or leap out of barely stopped cars to hug me. *sigh*. I like those people, a whole lot.

Oh, and speaking of things I like, birds are also on my happy list. I went out to Rose Creek with Mom today, and we saw several western bluebirds. Such lovely, vibrant little creatures. Also saw a house finch, several pygmy nuthatches, california quail, and heard a very vocal pheasant.

And pretty flowers.
That is all.