30 April 2009

3 things

Reading in 1 Corinthians 14 yesterday and found the verse "our God is not the author of confusion, but of peace..." So even if my mind is in a whirl of confusion, the one who holds me is not a God of chaos. It was so reassuring.

I went to Rico's last night, and sat at the bar, studying anatomy. When I asked the bartender what would be good for a bad cough, he gave me whiskey on the rocks. It did help, and actually tasted pretty good (and amused everyone with me).

Walking down from the financial office in Abelson today I almost stepped on a little male cricket. Using a sandwich bag, I picked him up and carried him home. So Hermione has a new roommate! I think I'll call him Kronos.

28 April 2009


So many things whirling about in my head, I feel like the water underneath a red phalarope's feet...

Graduate school
*Paying for it
*Hate dealing with money
*Getting there
*Being alone
*Only 2 more weeks as an undergrad.
*Graduation craziness (and relatives)
*Saying goodbye to people I love
*Need a job! Amendment... want a job!!
*Finals are kicking my butt
*Presentations scare me
*Uncertainty is overwhelming
*Twitterpated housemates
*Pain and confusion... it's not my fault... is it?
*Parting isn't sweet, it just feels like sorrow
*My heart is becoming bitter, and it tastes bad
*Some love me, some avoid me... why (both)?
*Please, see me as an example of what not to do
*I need to make time
*I've pulled away again
*I need to go back, and give Him my complete trust
*I love Him, and I miss Him



I don't deal with change very well

20 April 2009

Splendid Day

Round 1: It all began with a minor nervous breakdown... but it went up from there. Alana, Brooke, and I went to pick up a one Mr. Aasen, who was sitting on the rocks in front of Boulder Creek apartments, with very messy wet hair. Our first stop was Tri-State, where Alana fixed Phil's hair (yeah faux-hawk). We then went on a great excursion in the shoe department where Alana's "professional" shoes ended up being fancy flip-flops. Silly girl. But Brooke makes a wonderful tough love shopping consultant. And then onward to One World Cafe! I don't like raspberry ice tea all that much, but it was alright. The building was marvelous though! Doors hanging from ceiling, narrow stairs, and wonderful lofts! I got all the way through my ecology notes, and halfway through anatomy. Then came HyperSpud Sports, in which Phil discovered that he'd forgotten about a dinner engagement. Oops. So he left us, sad day! (after a moment of reconciliation between Brooke and Phil). Then the Co-op. I love that store so much. A splendid lunch ensued, and then all kinds of wonderful grocery shopping. I got Wensleydale cheese and grapefruit Juice Squeeze. So tasty! After the tastiness came the mall, WinCo, shirt shopping, and buying marvelous fabric at JoAnn's.

Round 2: We came home around 5:30 and I made a Totoro for Hannah's birthday, whilst studying anatomy.

Round 3: Brooke and I rearranged the whole upstairs (i.e. all the furniture) and built an epic fort/castle! We used 4 couches, one music stand, one fire escape, one tv, and two mattresses. We crammed about 8 people inside and talked for awhile, and it got very warm. I then made cranberry orange scones, we made tea, Phil came back over, and we watched Muppets from Space, inside the tent.

Round 4: We stayed up talking until almost 2 a.m. and then proceeded to drive Phil home. On the corner of B street and Colorado we noticed three shady individuals sitting on the curb. Guess who? Ben, Robbie, and Tom, of course. Who else would sit on the corner, completely sober, asking people what their favorite color was, and taking bets on it. A wonderful end to a wonderful day :)

16 April 2009

On me mind

"Airship Pirate" by Abney Park. Listen to it, and it may just make your day.

The dandelions are everywhere, and they make me happy with their fluffy yellow cheerfulness.

With it [our tongue] we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, this should not be James 3:9-10

This brought to mind Bambi, when Thumper's mom reminded him that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. I guess Disney got something right after all.

It's a hard command to follow, but when really attempted, it's actually quite enjoyable for everyone involved.

When a gift is given the credit goes to the giver not the receiver (a good reminder that we can't gain our own salvation)

Next time you make grilled cheese, use smoked gouda and Tillamook extra sharp white. Sharp with a hint of smokiness = mm mm good!

10 April 2009

I dunno

The clock on the wall is clicking
It sounds more like a click than a tick
I'm alone on the couch
My head hurts, a lot
I thought working out
Might make that go away
I was wrong, as usual
My water bottle is broken
If only I weren't so clumsy
Housemates are at the Good Friday Service
I would have gone, really
But energy levels are down again
I should be studying
Or maybe making myself dinner
But energy levels are down again
I wish I cared about school more
At least right now
It would help
I wish I didn't care so much
About certain people
Who say they will call, but never do
I wish I could stop missing him
What do you do
When you lose your best friend
But never understand why?
When they never tell you why
They just disappeared
It's like that Big & Rich song
You never stop loving somebody
You just start loving somebody else
That said, I pray
And thank God for who He is
For the fact that He DIED
On the cross for the world
Suffered more pain than anyone
And for the fact that
He is risen, indeed

02 April 2009

God is having fun lately

Yesterday I got conditional acceptance to the University of Otago. Which means I get to go to Dunedin, NZ to get my Master's degree in Zoology!!!!!!!

Today Alana got a 6 month job working with one of her professors (a job that she really wanted) working on campus and maybe in Uganda!

On Tuesday Sharon got a job working at the rec. center that she's really excited about!

Today Austin got accepted into the SMART program, which makes him and Melissa incredibly happy (just wait, an engagement may be coming soon)!

Yesterday Beth got all her garments done and the fashion show went really well, and the model that she thought she might lose was able to take her o. chem. test this morning!

Yesterday Lizzy got her o. chem. exam grade back: 90!

Dani got accepted to her first choice graduate school, and living arrangements are worked out (and amazing)!