27 August 2011

Wow. I fail at blogging.

I don't even know where to start to catch y'all up on my life.

It's been super busy (still), though it's now 8 - 13 hours a day, instead of 11 - 14 hours. So things are improving. LOTS of releases going on lately :) It's always nice to see the babies that we raised from itty bitty little things, going off and being all grown up and such. Thankfully the raccoons, birds, and opossums are now leaving faster than they're coming in, so things in the the clinic have slowed down quite a bit. Especially since we don't have a lot of tiny criticals anymore, just a lot of juvis and adults. Though we did get 3 little baby bobcats a week or so ago, and they are incredibly adorable! Despite their crazy sharp claws. And this fawn coordinator gets to do a fawn release next week! Hooray! My babies are doing so well :)
However, squirrel season is exploding. I haven't counted recently, but we probably have around 50 so far, and people keep bringing in the little guys with their eyes still closed. It amazes me that people find these animals. I mean, I never found any baby squirrels when I was little! Granted, I did find opossums, rabbits, mice, and birds... but that's entirely beside the point!
Hmm, in other news... I found a nice church in Boerne, and finally have Sundays off :) I finally finished sewing my Victorian style corset, and it fits perfectly! I think I need to make something, dress or such, to go under it though. I also sewed a stuffed My Little Pony... her head is too small, but she's still pretty cute. I discovered that Smirnoff makes blueberry lemonade, and it's just as delicious as blueberry beer. I think I have a thing for blueberries. I've also had a terrible couple of days involving a sheep, a donkey, and an official writeup. I kinda feel awful, actually... I think I need to reevaluate just how much of my self-esteem is wrapped up in my work.

Also, ta-da!