10 July 2010

I shall never be a great blogger.
I'm okay with this now.
Because I have spotted minions :D

~I got attacked by penicillin today while trying to inject it into a fawns leg. She kicked, the white nastiness exploded everywhere; including my mouth, glasses, and face. Lovely.

~60 fawns. All named. And going strong!

~Felicia and I figured out today that we hand wash 196 bottles, caps, and nipples every day.

~"My head told my heart, let love grow, but my heart told my head this time no, this time no." I miss him though.

~Brooke and Phil Aasen. Their wedding was fantastic. Honoring to God. And a blast! (Though flying to and from Seattle from San Antonio within two days is a recipe for serious jetlag). I'm so glad I got to see everyone though!

~I shaved my legs for the wedding (!!!!!) but it was too much work, so I'm letting the hair grow back now. Plus, when you've never shaved, it sure feels weird!

~I wonder if listing things says something about how pathetically short my attention span is.

~The times when you question your point and purpose in life are frustrating, to say the very least. They also leave you discouraged, lonely, and with the desire to just go join the circus. Or maybe that's just me.

~Where do I go from Texas? I'm at the crest of an emotional wave that wants to push me towards an 8 to 5 job and something that resembles stability. And yet I know that's not what I really want.

~I like Texas a lot, but unless I marry a rancher or something, I don't think I can keep living this life.


~I. NEED. TO. PRAY. Why can't I? There's so much to talk about...

~I'm starting to work on my story again... sort of... in the few breaks from my 12 hour work day.

~I'm really tired, which, I've discovered, leads to either loopiness or depression.

~The babies are wonderful, I love them dearly, even when they chew on my clothes and skin, jump on me, and smear poop and mud on me. Does that make me weird? Probably :)

~My vet tech school application is staring at me, reminding me that I need to ask people for letters of reference. I don't really like doing that so much. Though Gary told me that I could write it and he would just sign it :P

~*sigh* Maybe a nap is in order.