23 July 2009

Oh, ya know

Just chillin' in the library, realizing I haven't posted a blog in awhile.

*I got Lilo & Stitch in the mail today (got it off Amazon for $5).
*Figured it would be a good investment, since I am in Hawai'i

*The internet is being stubborn and won't let me post pictures
*I have so many good pictures!
*I need to find an internet cafe!

*I had Kara and Susan over yesterday to watch Kung Fu Panda, eat shortbread, and drink tea.
*It was lovely, almost like home.

*I hiked around Volcanoes National Park on Tuesday.
*Got very sunburned and sore, but got to see white-tailed tropicbirds for the first time!

*There was an epic thunderstorm yesterday, lasted ~3 hours, shook the windows, and soaked me in seconds.
*I wanted to dance in it, but alas, I have no one to dance with.
*I settled for puddle stomping.

*Susan and I have decided that the mapa girls should get on Twitter.
*Or that Mapa Girls should be the name of a band.
*Oh the things you think of when picking waxworms.

*Alana and Dani come out in 3 days.
*Eeeeeeeeee!! :)

*Miss y'all muchly

12 July 2009

An odd realization

So I was sitting around with a bunch of coworkers a couple days ago, and a few of them were going on about all the birds they've seen and worked with, or seen, or studied. Made me feel remarkably inexperienced and insignificant. I came home, and while laying in bed, started thinking. I could achieve all those things if I really want to. I could spend a lot of money and time and study all the fascinating avian fauna of the world. But then again, why? I love them, yes. I find them amazing and beautiful, yes. But there is no actual significance to it, in the long run. And unless I can actually witness to these people who live for the birds (which, by the way, is very, very difficult), I feel like I'm wasting my time working with birds.

*gasp* did Emily just say that?

After thinking long and hard, and not getting much sleep, I've come to the conclusion that I want to work hands on with birds, and animals, but it must have some significance, or I just can't make myself care as much as I know I am capable of. That said, I've decided, one day, I will help start a self-sustaining orphanage somewhere in the world where I can teach people how to take care of their animals and lead a more productive life because of doing so. It's funny, the things that pop into our heads at 9:00 at night. But for some reason, this idea has stuck with me. Strongly. Anybody want to help make it come true?

Crazy? Yes.
Impossible? Nope. Not with God.