22 February 2011

It's a melancholy sort of day.

I watched Inception with Sara this morning; I'd forgotten just how incredible that movie is!!

I'm making a batch and a half of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, if anyone would like some...

I worked 6 days this week, averaging about 9.5 hours each. Which means I slept in until 11 today.

A lot of animals have died this week. I should be used to it by now, but when a little tiny squirrel, who I've been encouraging to live for over a week, starts to go downhill and then dies at the end of my shift it makes my heart a little sad...

...all these poor orphaned babies weren't given the choice of leaving their moms, their home was destroyed, or someone kidnapped them with the best intentions, or their mother was killed.

We got 3 baby cottontails in two days ago, covered in fire ant bites. The poor little darlings were dehydrated and in pain, but so far they're doing alright and eating pretty well. I pray they survive.

Lily makes felt creatures, animals, and books. She let me make a felt Totoro with her supplies today. Fun times :)

I've discovered that I'm going to need to buy all my corset making supplies online. They're not readily available anywhere around here.

My hair is getting longer, and thicker. I'm not sure what to do with it. I may just purchase a few bandanas and commit to growing it out. Or chop it all off again... debating, debating...

One of WRR's favorite volunteers committed suicide this week; which made it a bad week for everyone. It's so hard for me to know what to say in situation like that. It's so sad, and there is little comfort to offer.

I was able to go to church with Stacey and Brandi this week, which was quite nice. Although I'm not sure what it was about the service, but the persistent perkiness got on my nerves a little bit. I guess I feel more comfortable when I know that the joy is honest...

I haven't had a decent hug in nearly 3 months. Somebody who gives good hugs needs to come visit me.

I think I'm going to watch some Stargate Atlantis now, I don't feel so great.

09 February 2011

4 Things

*With wind-chill tonight the temperatures will be in the single digits, possibly the negatives. Yay for 2:00 a.m. heat rounds! I will not complain, I will not complain, I will not complain...

*No matter how old I get, or how many group living situations I end up in, dirty dishes sitting in the sink for days will always make me slightly insane. *sigh* Is it really so hard to wash a dish or two?

*I got a pattern in the mail today, to make a late Victorian corset (original pattern is from 1881, only modified slightly). I may have to mail order most of the supplies for it, but I'm pretty excited to see if I can do this :) Any suggestions on fabric type/color?

*I read a really good verse (1 Peter 2:17) today that kind of sums up what we, as Christians, should be like.

Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.

I feel as if this should cut to the heart, all of the Christians who criticize and unashamedly bash those people who don't believe as we do. Jesus never forced anyone to believe, He merely gave them the truth and left it at that. We are responsible for no more than that, we speak the truth, it is the listener's choice whether or not to accept it. He didn't protest, shun, or cast the first stone. Only once did he get really angry, and that anger was towards the people who claimed to be working for God in the temple. How can Christians really think that they are doing Jesus a favor when they picket against gays, bash liberals (or extreme conservatives, etc.), or shout at people that they are going to hell. Does that really show love? Just food for thought...

07 February 2011

Breaking news!

South Texas got snow this winter. Yeah, that's right, snow! I was pretty stoked about it :) Even though my little snowman was only about 2 inches high, and melted in about an hour, the point is that I made a snowman in Texas! Funny thing is, I said the equivalent of 'So long suckers!' when I left Washington in the middle of a cold snap... Moral of the story: not much is ever certain around here.

Other bit of news: We now have 12 baby squirrels. And when they're just starting to get their fur, they feel like peaches (or apricots). Pretty darn adorable.

[more pictures soon]

02 February 2011

Brrr *yawn*

Thought I'd post a lil' update thingie.

It's my Friday, and I am plumb tuckered out. I've closed the clinic three nights in a row, and for some reason, something always seems to happen that keeps me there until after 1 a.m. I really hope tonight will be a little better.
This week has been odd for a few reasons:
1) It's only February and baby season is upon us. We have 10 baby squirrels already (1 being only 11 grams), 2 cottontails whose eyes are still closed, a litter of 2 gram opossums (who sadly died shortly after arrival), and a brand new baby goat.

2) Saturday was 75 degrees, Sunday was 70, Monday it was 20, with a wind chill in the negatives. What the hell Texas?! Apparently the arctic storm that is hitting a large part of the U.S. right now decided to grace us with its presence. Which means frozen pipes, septic tanks bursting, heater malfunctions, and warm houses that just won't stay warm!

3) On the upside, I now know how change propane tanks, and light propane heaters like a pro. At 2:00 a.m. with white faced capuchins trying to grab me, no less!

4) We got a deer in last night who had been stuck in a fence for who knows how long, and when she finally struggled free, her back legs were frozen. It was one of the weirdest things I've seen in awhile; from her knees up she was warm, and from her knees down she was stiff and freezing cold.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm really tired, my eyes don't want to open all the way, but doggone it, I will make it through tonight! Lots of tea and hot chocolate required.