23 November 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is today. Wow.
It's shaping up to be a good one :)
I have the day off (yay!) so I get to make the turkey and gravy and pies.
Funny thing is, being a (mostly) vegetarian for several years, means that I don't really know much about cooking meat... at least not an entire bird.
I was putting our turkeys and roosters to bed last night, and told Pew Pew (our sweet de-beaked turkey) that I was eating his cousin tomorrow. And then I felt bad...
(Apparently I like parenthesis today)

I was reading old blogs the other day and found my string of Thankful For... blogs. I wish I'd remembered that sooner! But oh well, I guess a thankful list will have to do.


I am thankful for:
*The good timing of Thanksgiving this year, I've been whining a lot
*Work, because of how much it has taught me
*A crazy cool job
*My bed, because crazy cool job makes me crazy tired
*Friends who keep in touch
*Friends who don't
*Friends who let me borrow their cars when living in the middle of nowhere
*Fletcher, even when he's cranky, he's always up for a cuddle
*Hot chocolate with Irish Cream
*A computer that has a power cable with no cuts or chew marks
*Delicious food, and the ability to cook and bake
*My cellphone, so I can talk to people who I can't see
*Pipe cleaners, mainly because they make Fletcher uber happy, which makes me laugh
*The ability to sew, because little stuffed animals make people happy
*Cleaning supplies, they're good for OCD people like me
*Music that fits every mood (yay Pandora!)
*My Little Ponies, because they've made my year just that much better
*Good movies and good books in which to escape from reality
*The ability to wrangle raccoons, squirrels, skunks, emus, sheep, goats, raptors, giant tortoises, snakes, nutrias, deer, porcupines, and opossums. Not too many people can claim that :)
*My camera that captures so many good memories
*A God who sacrificed everything in order to bring me forgiveness
*A God who I can talk to as a friend and a savior
*The hope that someday all wrongs will be rightened, and every tear will be wiped away
*The hope that one day death will be swallowed up in victory

Happy Thanksgiving y'all :)

14 November 2011

Crazy Week

To answer everyone's question: the interview went really well on my end. I hope they liked me as much as I liked them. Beautiful facility, so nice, so well organized! So much less... extreme? than WRR. At least you can call the birds 'it' if you don't know their gender. And they don't have a problem with you hand raising non-indigenous birds in your home and making them into pets. So yeah, I'm praying hard that I get this job. But just to be on the safe side, I'm still looking for jobs to apply for. Found a good one through the HSUS... it's a start.

The entire trip out to Delaware was pretty crazy. Good, bad, and slightly insane, with some laughter thrown in for good measure. Jennifer still hasn't found a place to live in Virginia, so we stayed at a hotel one night, and then at her new boss' 'currently being renovated house' the other night. I'm praying that she finds a place to live soon though, since she started work today. So my job for pretty much the entire 4 days was to keep her from having a panic attack :P But on the upshot, her new job looks fantastic! And it's in a beautiful location (p.s. I'm in love with the countryside of Virginia/Delaware/Maryland, the fall colors were gorgeous). We also got to do a crazy driving tour of D.C. and I finally got to see the White House, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington, etc. :)

On another note, we got a baby nighthawk in at work the other day (in case you were wondering, totally the wrong time of year for that!). He was adorable! We also got a juvi nutria, who someone was trying to raise as a pet. He's really friendly, and fits in my hand. Super cute as well :)

Now that Jupiter (Jennifer's cat) is gone, Fletcher has turned into the cuddliest cat ever! It's so weird... Not that I mind having him sleep with me again, it's just such an extreme change.

I think that's about it for now.

P.S. Never get a 50 minute layover. Guaranteed, your flight will be late, and you will have to run like a crazy person across the Houston airport, and be the last person to board the plane, and people will not be happy with you.

04 November 2011

My cat is angry.

Just a coupla things, ya know.

I've got a working interview in Delaware on Thursday. At Tri-State Bird Rescue. Woot woot!! I'm so freakin' nervous. But I really really want this job, for so many reasons! But the main one is pretty obvious I would hope... I mean... birds... duh.

Janna is getting married?! Whoa. Just whoa. I need to be there for that (another reason why I want to get this job). It's crazy to think that someone I've known since I was 4 years old is getting married...

I couldn't post this on facebook because people freak out too easily, but I just have to say, I have the bestest platonic boyfriend ever! He got a kukri, and sent me his old machete. Which is Gerber, and has a saw on the back side of it. It's lovely :) Weird things make me happy....

I think that's about it for now.
Miss you all.
So much.