25 November 2010

Numero... oh, who am I kidding

Somehow I managed to get 4 days behind. I blame being at Mom and Dad's house, and having to do all sorts of Thanksgiving-ey things. But oh well, it's Thanksgiving today, so I can list several things :)

Today I'm thankful for:

*All those crazy, cool, sometimes aggravating, sometimes hilarious, wonderful people that I call friends.
-This week I am especially thankful for Brookie, because she listened to how I am feeling
and didn't try to fix it. We made cookies instead :)
*The way the Palouse looks when it's covered in snow and the
sky is pale grey and you can't tell where the earth ends and the sky begins.
*How good a traditional Thanksgiving dinner tastes when you haven't had one in almost 2 years.
-Especially stuffing and cranberry sauce. So good!
*A delightful wood stove to sit in front of when the weather outside is frightful.
*A family that puts up with me, even when I'm a total brat.
*Turkey. It's tasty. But I think I'm gonna try tofurkey next year, just for kicks and giggles.

21 November 2010

Numero Trece

I'm thankful for second... and third... and fourth... chances

Because I'm a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad sinner. And not the bestest of friends either. And not the best at posting a blog everyday for that matter.

Numero Doce

I'm thankful for facebook.

I hear people saying all the time that they don't see the point of facebook, that they should just delete their account, etc. etc. But really, when I leave and go far far away, it's the best way ever to stay connected with people. And I really like that I can know what's going on with my friends, even when they don't call or text for months.

Numero Once

I'm thankful for Fletcher.

My little ray of sunshine (sheesh, I sound like a proud mother :P)
My little bit of fuzzy in the good times and the bad.
He makes me feel like I did something good by saving his life.
And he's always good for a laugh (I mean, what other cat will be willing to walk around with a sock on its head or eat the lettuce that I drop when making salad)

18 November 2010

Numero Diez

I'm thankful for epic bagels (and sandwiches)

Alana and I discovered the amazingness one afternoon while working madly on Mom and Dad's house in the Palouse. We threw together what ingredients we could find in the tiny trailer fridge, and behold, tastiness. The recipe has since been edited and embellished, but here it is, in it's current state:

*toasted bagel, or bread
*sliced happy turkey
*a thick slice of apple
*a thick slice of Tillamook sharp cheddar
*cream cheese
*dijon mustard
*cranberry sauce

And now I'm hungry

17 November 2010

Numero Nueve

I'm thankful for lolcats.

Because they make me laugh, without fail, whenever I flip through the folder on my computer or visit icanhascheezburger.

So very good.

16 November 2010

Numero Ocho

I'm thankful for texting.

Maybe it's because I'm a hopeless phone-phobe, but texting is an amazing thing. Especially since I'm not a witty conversationalist. It's also wonderful when you really don't have time to have an entire conversation. Or when you're out of breath. Or when you don't want to wake someone up in the middle of the night, but you know you'll forget what you wanted to say if you fall asleep (unless they're a light sleeper, that is...). Or when you want to ask a bunch of people the same question. Or... yeah, you get the idea.

Numero Siete

I'm thankful for pizza.

I think that's about it.

p.s. Flying Pie Pizzeria in Issaquah makes one of the best pizzas I've ever had. A close second to Fultano's in Astoria.

14 November 2010

Numero Sies

I'm thankful for quilts.

They make good capes, sledding attire, tents, warming apparatuses (for one or two or many), togas, distractions, accomplishments, and they can be as unique as their owner or creator.

Did I miss any of their many qualities? I feel like I may have...

I'll finish it one of these days...

Numero Cinco

I'm thankful for cameras.

Not only do they capture cool pictures, they also help me document my life, remember important events, bring back good and bad memories, and make people feel different things. I would be hopeless at remembering what I have done and when I did it, if it weren't for my little Cannon.

They're a way to freeze the best images in life so that you can look at them and enjoy them for as long as you want.

And they're fun to play with.
Happy moments

Numero Cuatro

I'm thankful for deer.

And for more reasons than you may think.

I didn't realize until after the fact, that this summer spent working with deer kind of brought me back from the brink of a mental breakdown. Raising the fawns, helping them to grow, and get better when they were sick was stressful for my body, but relaxing for my soul. I now truly believe that my life is so much better when I have animals to take care of.

Deer are also remarkably cute, and so much fun to be around. And if you feed the fawns, they adore you.

(Deer also make good eating, but you didn't hear that from me)

I think this should be my Christmas card...

Numero Tres

I'm thankful for church.

Okay, maybe just Christian fellowship.

Despite the fact that I don't have a 'home' church, I do have a home group of Christian friends that encourage me, help me, and have gotten me through some truly awful times.
And who help get my priorities straight. That's an important one.
And who remind me that God is bigger, no matter what.
Those people mean the world to me.

10 November 2010

Numero Dos

I am ever so thankful for libraries.

I love the Issaquah library in particular because:
a) The have free internet
b) They have many much children/young adult books
c) It is only a mile walk from Alana's condo, and a lovely walk at that
d) It is not a silent library, there is always something going on
e) It has many windows, through which I can watch the world go by
f) There are some fantastic puppets in the children's book section
g) It's just pretty

09 November 2010

Thanks so much

Have you ever noticed the exhaustive "I'm thankful for..." lists that are posted around Thanksgiving day? My dear friend Colleen gave me a great idea recently; posting one thing a day, up until Thanksgiving. Well, more like she's doing it, and I'm copying her... but either way, I think I shall do this until I leave once again for Texas (since I'm starting kinda late in the month).

So yes.

Numero Uno:

I'm thankful for heartache.
It makes me pray like I ought,
makes me appreciate joy even more,
makes me call out to God with a passion,
causes me to question and search my beliefs,
makes me realize that I am nothing without Him,
and makes me look forward to the time when God will wipe the tears from every eye.

"God shouts through pain"