14 August 2010

My bad...

....I just realized that I haven't blogged in over a month... a month?! Where did that month go?! I guess it was eaten up by fawns (they eat practically anything after all)


Um, yeah, so, what's been going on:
*Felicia went home on the 7th to start school. Pretty lonely for a few days there, and I certainly still miss the conversation and laughter that went on while washing bottles.

*I discovered an XM radio channel that is all music and songs from the movies :)

*Kittens... how did I not mention the kittens! On July 20th one of the ranch cats disappeared, leaving behind six 4 - 5 week old kittens. We (well, mostly me) dropper fed them goats milk for a few days, then slowly weaned them onto dry kitten food.

*One of the kittens is now in my room, and goes by the name of Fletcher Hermes Geoffrey Ransom. He's wonderful :) And he's coming home with me :D I love kittens, have I ever mentioned that?

*Dean Huber's cousin's son works at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center here in TX and Dean put us in contact. He wants me to apply for one of their internships :) I'm also in the process of applying for an apprenticeship at a big wildlife rehab place just north of here. Lord willing one of those will work out!

*I really like Texas, y'all should come down and visit awhile

*I got to go to Cowboy church again this Sunday. Good times, good times.

*Did I ever mention that I got to go the Alamo and San Antonio Zoo? Both were amazing. The zoo was especially impressive. It's huuuge! And their bird collection is fantastic. I kinda want to apply there too...

*Barbara got Photoshop CS4 for her computer to make adds for the ranch and for deer auctions and such things. So we're both trying to figure out how to use it. I made 2 advertisements for them though :) They turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

*Oh yeah, and she gave me photoshop for my computer. Woot!

*The Machens are co-owners of a hunting/sports/ranch store (I'm not sure if I mentioned that already) but anyway, they publish a magazine every hunting season and I think I'm going to get to write an article for it. Short, but about cleaning up your trash wherever you go so that it doesn't affect wildlife and nature. I'll try and post it when I'm done.

*We had a twin fawns born day before yesterday. CRAZY. We thought all the does were done having babies because none had been born for over 3 weeks. So we're up to 71 babies on the bottle now. I named the cute little doe Zoe (from Firefly)

*7 year old Hallie has officially declared that I'm long. Not tall, long. I decided not to question it. She even drew me as a long person :P (I've been teaching her proportions and how to draw people; it's kinda fun)

*The sunsets and sunrises here are fantastic.

*That is all for now

Sincerely Yours,

The deer nanny