29 March 2009

Earth Hour

So, Earth Hour = a bunch of people (i.e. 1 billion) turning off their lights to save electricity for 1 hour. That's about it. But it's so cool!

At the Rock we turned off the lights, lit a bunch of candles in the living room, sat around, sang, played guitar, and... did some serious interpretive dancing involving zombies, ballerinas, country swing, and the waltz in rolling desk chairs. I did a little bit of homework, yes, but when Janna and Brooke are dancing it out with hoodie capes and spoons, it was kind of difficult...

(and then the boys left and the dancing really started, but that's another story. My abs are sore.)

I know that I sound like a total hippie/conservationist, but oh well, I love it.

Oh, and cool article if you want to know more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Canada+goes+dark+Earth+Hour/1440572/story.html

23 March 2009

Moment of Silence...

Cricky the cricket died today


22 March 2009

Spring Equinox 2009 (part 2)

This time it started at 7:00 a.m.
Dad and I went to the U-Haul place
Time and paperwork
Got a dolly for the car
Started towards Kamiah
A dead deer on the side of the road
It moved it's head
It's not dead!
Found a place to park
Young doe with a broken ankle
Poor little creature :(
Carried her to the truck
Fish and game guy stopped
Called a conservation officer
I prayed that she would survive
Onward to Kamiah
By the way, your income tax return
Between 6 and 7 hundred dollars
Praise for provision!
Took some time and a quick tow
To get the car on the dolly
Only the transmission pan is busted
Maybe it can be fixed easily
Payed the fees
Met an 11 year old timber wolf
Hand raised by the people there
Towed the car home
Mom was freaked out
Came home and had tea
Housemates are home!
Went to a concert at Beisley
10th Avenue North
Hawk Nelson
Jeremy Camp
So tired, but it was good
Ran home in the pouring rain
Puddle jumping all the way

20 March 2009

Spring Equinox 2009

It all began at 5:30 a.m.
The sunrise was gorgeous
3.5 hours on a curvy road
Hugging the Clearwater River
Beth doing homework and napping
Jerry Johnson hot springs
Cool old pack bridge
1.5 mile hike on packed snow
But then, steam!
Clamber down a muddy cliff
Hot water fall
Pouring into a hot water pool
Only a few rocks separate us
From the freezing river water
Bathing suits and slick rocks
Soaking in a natural jacuzzi
(Camera decided to take a soak too)
Hiked back for lunch
Started driving home
Rounding a curve, ah! rocks!
Didn't swerve, maybe should have...
*clunk* maybe it went under?
*CLUNK* smoke, smell, stop!
Pink transmission fluid gushing out
My mom is going to kill me
Flagged down a car seconds after
Nice couple
Going to Montana to get... a buffalo
Little lodge and restaurant
So nice, let us use their phone
So many calls!
Yeah, I cried
Tow truck finally came and got us
Nice old guy, no front teeth
Long drive to Kamiah
Almost fell asleep several times
$500 in towing fees
But $175 pity discount
Sorry girlie, transmission is totaled
Amazing Abby picked up me and Beth
Dad and I will get the poor car tomorrow
And now, tea and Planet Earth

Thank you God, for nice people, discounts, and safety

19 March 2009


So, just to get this out there, I hate laziness. I'm a firm believer in working for your keep, be that work be studying, cleaning, researching, helping people, or a myriad of other things. But I realized that unless something horrible happens, this is the last time in my life that I'll have a time in which I have nothing that I have to do. My homework is done. I helped my dad with what we could get done. I made food and have amazing leftovers. And I applied to all the jobs that I could tonight (still have a few to fax, but that's tomorrow).

So yeah.

I'm eating chocolate pudding and watching The Little Mermaid, which I haven't seen since I was 5, because I fell off the trampoline and sprained my wrist. Apart from being alone, a few days of laziness is quite pleasant.

15 March 2009

Happy Pi Day

Two things happened recently that made me realize, yep, I'm a nerd... ain't it great :)


I was reading that verse in Romans 8 that says "For I am persuaded that neither death no life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other crated thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

After the initial subconscious reaction of I love that verse so much came the very conscious thought of no power in the 'verse can stop me


Today is March 14, and in honor of this fact I made an amazing apple pie with pi written on top in cinnamon and sugar.

09 March 2009

The real world....

So I applied to 6 jobs in January and today I got my 6th rejection. It's a little disheartening. I wish those people could know me and know just how strong my desire to work with birds really is. Or know how strong of a work-ethic I have been gifted with. Or know that when I don't have homework and am doing what I want to do, I will work as hard as I possibly can. Granted, I don't have loads of experience, but I can learn; and I can learn fast!

God gave me these desires for a reason, and He'll give me the job that best suits them. Or maybe he wants me to have a crummy job that will allow me to meet someone that really needs His help. God knows.

I even looked the AZA website today and found a few positions that I can apply for. It was a weird and kinda bad deja vu from last summer... but I did find an internship with CRES working with endangered Hawaiian birds. If I could get that job, and get connections with CRES, it would be the closest thing to heaven on earth... at least for this girl... and at least work-wise...

Onwards and upwards

p.s. have I mentioned how endangered endemic island birds rock my world?



New Caledonian Kagu


06 March 2009


If someone had told me last year, or the year before, that in my last semester at WSU:

*I would go dancing at The Beach and CJ's almost every week
*Learn country swing within 2 songs
*Love waltzing
*Learn how to do aerials with a guy I don't know very well
*Go to Rico's quite frequently and learn to love pool
*Give, and ask for, back rubs from a lot of different people
*Like electronic music

yeah, they would have been treated to a good laugh. And yet... it's all so much fun! I wish I'd done most of it sooner.

That is all.

03 March 2009

The whole duty and purpose of man...

I'm such a failure sometimes. I know that even Paul struggled with "what I want to do I do not do, and what I do not want to do, I do!" but at the same time, I can't help but think that once we accept that we need Jesus as our savior, the old man should leave, and the new one will replace it. I get to the point sometimes when I simply loathe my old self so much that I wish with all my heart that I could just vomit myself up. But I know that I can't be rid of it on my own, because as long as I live in this body of sin, I will be bipolar. One side of me wants to serve God with all that I am, love people, not get annoyed, not be worried and afraid, not think about or do things that are unpleasing to the One that saved me, follow God and keep his commandments, because that is my whole duty and purpose in life! And yet the other side is saying no, do what you want, it's your life, have fun and do what feels good, get annoyed, they deserved it, it's way too scary to talk about your faith, no will believe you anyway, you hardly believe it sometimes yourself.


Can I just look in the mirror, say "damn you", and move on to a life that serves God, and God alone? Why can't it be that easy? Why can't I have the faith to make it that easy? It would seem that being finite and human makes it impossible...

But all things are possible with God...

Help me, Lord! I don't want to disappoint you anymore!