06 March 2012

I'm still alive!

Oh wow... the things that you forget when you don't have readily available internet! Like not blogging for almost three months... oops?

Oh well, life goes on.

Just wanted to say a few things to the world :)

I love my job. It's stressful and intimidating at times (okay, intimidating a lot of the time), but overall, I get to do some pretty darn cool things, and handle some pretty amazing birds.

Delaware is not my favorite state ever... too many people, not enough trees and mountains. But the people are usually quite nice, and I guess it's nice to have everything close by. Being surrounded by so much history is a bit overwhelming at times. However, the Brandywine River runs through Wilmington... kinda cool, just sayin'.

I wear a ring now, given to me by a very dear friend. It's taken quite a lot of getting used to, and I almost lost it to an oiled goose in a tube full of Dawn and water. But so far so good.

Oh yes, and yesterday I went and got a new tattoo, downtown Philadelphia, all by myself. My little larger than life baby quail :) His feet are a little wonky, but his face is adorable, so it all works out. My arm really hurts though...

I think that's about it for now. Hopefully it won't be another 3 months before I remember my blog exists!