22 November 2012

No apologies.
I very nearly bit off more than I could chew this year.
I've been overwhelmed so much of the time that it's almost a novelty to think "I've got this!"
I can't count how many times I've wanted to throw in the towel and just move back to Washington, to a less intense, more familiar type of life.
Would I regret it forever?

I'm really tired in a lot of ways.
But I'm really thankful too.
It's too bad that I forget about that on a regular basis.
I forget how good I've got it, how I work for an amazing and world famous organization, how I've been so welcomed by so many, how God has blessed me with everything I really need...
So here's to my yearly reminder that I am loved, despite me.

I've got that VeggieTales song running through my head, "I thank God for this day, for the sun in the sky, for my mom and my dad, for my piece of apple pie..."

And on that note, thank you God for you, for your grace, your forgiveness, your controlled anger, your willingness to listen to dust and vapor, your goodness, your justice, for not being fair.

P.S. Also, thank you for:

A family that loves me for me, it's kind of baffling.
Too many friends to keep up with, a blessing and a point of frustration, but mostly a blessing
Amazingly intelligent coworkers who are willing to teach me what they know, and empathize about the day to day chaos
The opportunity to do things most people don't even think to dream about... I've nursed bald eagles back to health, no biggie.
Constant reminders that in the big scheme of things, I know nothing
An affordable place to live that's not in a soul-sucking apartment complex
A wonderful kitty cat who's okay with being squeezed and held upside down while having his belly rubbed and who sometimes replaces my alarm clock
The opportunity to save a baby starling's life and have him as a friend, even if it was for only a short time
Finnegan finding a new, excellent, home
A paycheck that lets me eat what I want and also afford other little things
Good food
A Chipotle that just so happens to be on my way home from work
A car that runs
New tires on said car
A comfortable bed, desk on permanent loan, and a nest of a chair
A nearby library
Photographs of good times past so I can remember
Doctor Who and My Little Ponies, my escapes from reality when it was all just a little too much to face
The opportunity to go to BroNYcon
A computer that has survived several moves, drops, and a mug of peppermint tea
The opportunity to live so close to so many historical things... seriously, I live within a 3 hour radius of Philly, Baltimore, D.C. and NYC
The ability to build and repair and paint and draw and power tool it up
My little Tardis
My new cellphone that works surprisingly well
And so many many many more wonderful things that I could think of, but right now I'm just too tired and have to get up early
Oh yes, and finally, thanks for a job that lets me work mostly opening shifts

Much Love :)

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Anonymous said...

ha! Yaya! so glad I checked for a post - too many friends to keep up with indeed...love you much. I'm a bit sad that we had to discover Dr. Who independantly of one another. I do believe it could could have been our greatest joined obsession ever ;-D