11 December 2011

Goodbye. Hello.

I'm saying goodbye to Texas tomorrow! Ahhhh! I'm sad to say goodbye :(
Happy to say hello to Washington again :)
Scared to death to get to know Delaware :S

Oh yeah, did I mention that I got the job at Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research in Newark, DE?
Did I mention I'm coming home for two weeks?
That I really need to buy a car, ASAP?
That I need to see everyone before I move away again?!

I'm so nervous to move to a new place, new job, new people... I need to find a church as soon as I get there, otherwise I get the feeling that making friends will not be easy. It's so much more convenient when you live with the people you work with.

I died my hair 'black cherry' today. It's purple. It's pretty :) This may become my new addiction...

I need to write my year in review. Despite the fact that I didn't really go anywhere, it was a pretty darn crazy year!

*sniffle* I'm going to miss all my Texans so very much :'(

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